Gliding Rhythm

Gliding Rhythms is a one-day workshop designed for school teachers, principals of primary and secondary schools, teachers in day centres for people with disabilities, volunteers, NGO’s, carers in aged care facilities and people in the arts that are interested in using creativity as a tool to reach children, marginalized people of the community or vulnerable students in any school system.

People that are experiencing memory loss or people that are born with a disability, or people that experienced psychological traumas have difficulty in communicating and are therefore in need of finding ways of expressing their thoughts, emotions or simply engaging in an activity of pleasure.

This workshop will use storytelling theatre combined with exploration of rhythms as a tool to connect with people that experience some difficulty in communicating and therefore are at risk of isolation. The workshop will also allow to search through daily objects to find different uses of it and different sounds it might produce to enrich storytelling.


Every story is a new journey in harmony with our pulse: Gliding Rhythms – feeling freedom while gliding in harmony with the beat.