Echo Of Colours

The echo of colours

The echo of colours is a one-day art workshop designed for carers in aged care facilities, teachers in homes for people with disabilities, volunteers and NGO’s and people in the arts that are interested in using creativity as a tool to reach marginalized people of the community.

People that are experiencing memory loss or people that are born with a disability have difficulty in communicating and are therefore in need of finding ways of expressing their thoughts, emotions or simply engaging in an activity of pleasure.

This workshop was born as a consequence of an experimental journey in a Melbourne day centre for people with dementia in 2011. A group of participant for their first time in their lives learned to paint and use the colours on canvases and exhibited their art works in a neighbourhood centre of Melbourne.

With this workshop we will be sharing techniques and experiences to engage with people at risk of isolation. Through “hands on” activities and slideshows on work processes, the participants will be able to initiate some art activities with their own clients/residents in their own workplaces.

Through reminiscence and stories, painting and exploring, you will learn how to bring people through a journey in the creative world.

Like in the echo the colours will come again, but this time they will settle on canvas.