A Path Of A Star

The path of a star

Introduction to theatre training for people with disabilities.

The workshop aims to find different forms of expressions through the exploration of the abilities of the body and voice.

Led by a set of fixed exercises, the participants will find new ways to improvise actions and sounds boosting confidence of individuals.

The work of an actor is constantly on a course of finding new forms to shine upon the spectators. It is just like the path of a star


Conducted by Cinzia Ciaramicoli, actress, pedagogue and theatre director

Cinzia Ciaramicoli is an experimental theatre actress since 1990, and whose research is based on using theatre as a tool to reach the community.

Her theatre work with people with disabilities has won her an award from the British Council in Malaysia as “Best Community Arts Project” in the year 2005.


Age group: 13 to 20 years old