The Birth of Time

“Bith of Time” is a performance inspired by the legend of Chronos, the personification of time, but faithful to the free interpretation of the myth by Franco Lorenzoni in his book “Con il cielo negli occhi”.


Cinzia Ciaramicoli

Directed by

Cinzia Ciaramicoli


Franco Lorenzoni translated by Cinzia Ciaramicoli

Duration:                   20 minutes no break


The performance needs an intimate space which could hold maximum 40 spectators and that has the possibility of being completely darken.

Performance space: 2,5 x 3 mt (depth), minimum 3.5 height

Lights:    maximum 100 waltz

2 different light plugs

Set:          Side table and chair

1 hours bump in and 30 min bump out


Cinzia-Poster-(outlined)-1 DSC09639Birth-of-Time