Terra Arata

The re-staging of « Terra Arata » is a co-production between Theatre de la Cour (France) and The Jumping JellyBeans (Malaysia).

Terra Arata is inspired by the first surrealistic painting of Joan Miro’ « Terra Llaurada » (The Tilled Field – 1923).

The performance is a surrealistic interpretation of a surrealistic painting.

Terra Arata is the dream of a farmer whom is resting at a base of a tree trunk.

As he dreams, the animals of the painting come to life through original stories interpreted by Shanthini Venugopal and Cinzia Ciaramicoli. Projected animations appear in this imaginary world.

Traditional music from Europe and Asia accompany the dances.

Like in any dream, images are not related to one another. They are just there, coloured by your fantasy.

This performance is directed by Zahim Albakri and is targeted at both children and adults.


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