Rumor” is a performance inspired by the theatrical life of Liana Rumor, an actress of the Caffè Concert and Cabaret, who never became famous but who was acclaimed and loved by a hungry public of the ’40. The words are from Colette in “The Vagabond” and Roberta Carreri, actress of Odin Teatret and director of this performance interpreted by Cinzia Ciaramicoli.


Cinzia Ciaramicoli

Directed by

Roberta Carreri


Roberta Carreri, Colette

Duration:  50 minutes no break


The performance needs an intimate space which could hold maximum 100 spectators and that has the possibility of being completely darken.

Performance space: 4 x 7 mt (depth), minimum 3.5 height

Lights:   maximum 1000 waltz

4 different light plugs

possibility to hang ceiling light

Set:         Dressing table, stool and standing screen

8 hours bump in and 4 bump out


Need dressing room near by the performance space complete of table, mirror, chair and the possibility to hang costumes.

Before the performance it is programmed to offer a plate of “Penne all’Arrabiata” to all spectators in a different room from the performance space. We need therefore a table to cook and serve the pasta.

This action is inspired by the traditional distribution of “Penne all’Arrabiata” during the performance interval at the “Bagaglino” Theatre in Roma, during the war time.