MinesTROC-(MASK) MinesTROC-(Puppets)


‘MinesTROC’ (Goleniów, Poland and Lyon and Marseille, France)

Started Aug 2017

Project description

The project “Minestroc” (a portmanteau of the Italian word “minestrone”, the renowned Italian vegetable soup and French word, “Troc” meaning to barter) is an edible, cultural, social, theatrical, intervention in the community.

Actors, directed by Cinzia Ciaramicoli, go from door-to-door within a neighbourhood, asking the public to donate vegetables: carrots, leaks, onions etc, even just one, that could be used in the making of this communal soup to be consumed together in their “cour” (housing estate’s communal courtyard) – in exchange the actors, musicians barter a song, dance, play instruments, tell stories or recite poetry, thus “reaching” people.

Once the vegetables are collected, the actors prepare the soup in a choreographed rhythmic performance, which combines clown techniques to percussion pieces. After the vegetables are washed, cut and thrown into the large cauldron, the party starts with the “Dances of the Servants”, in masks and life sized puppets resembling characters of XVI century court nobles and the soup is shared. The performance is inspired by Arcimboldo’s extravagant parties held in the prestigious courts of Europe.

1) To encourage the socialisation of people living in the same neighbourhood, by using an authentic action of “eating together”.
2) To enable the chance for everyone to “contribute” something to their community.
3) To bring life to the artistic dynamics of a city district.

An integral part of the project is the creation of different workshops, eg. Dances, Puppet-making, Mask-making and a Documentary-Video production collaborating with the participants involved to document the whole event – which is later edited by our Directeur des Arts Visuels et Communications, Silvio Cimenti using their footage. All ages are welcome and are encouraged to use whatever equipment they have e.g cell-phone.

The Polish film was presented to Bramat Community Theatre Festival in Goleniów, Poland. The Lyon project film was presented to the Marie, 9eme Arrondissement de Lyon (city hall). The Marseille project was aired on 3 regional tv stations.